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     Find the Keller dovetail jigs at these woodworking trade shows  What joinery can you do with the Keller router jigs?

For 30 years, the Keller Dovetail System — the first through dovetail router jigs ever patented or manufactured — has set the standard for simplicity, speed and accuracy. There are no tricky gizmos or no promises to do everything. What you do get are beautifully cut, quickly made dovetail joints for drawers, boxes, furniture and cabinets.

    It's simple  Making dovetails is just a 2-step process, with no test cuts or fussy adjustments, even when you change wood thickness or router bit settings. Dovetailing doesn't get any easier.

    It's fast  Set up the Keller router jigs in less than 5 minutes. Join up to 40 drawers or boxes per hour.

    It's accurate  The meticulously machined aluminum templates are warranted for 20 years. The carbide-tipped industrial router bits are precision guided by shank-mounted ball bearing guides.

The Keller Dovetail System has been made in the USA since 1976. We've built a dovetail system for you that does exactly what it promises: no other dovetail jigs come close for integrity of design, reliability and value. When you invest your time and talent in your woodworking projects, you deserve the best.